#1 fighting terrorism within Syria under internati von DMT 11.03.2019 04:46

nd monetary policies and conduct structural reform to achieve strong Cheap Barcelona Jerseys , sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy.

There is a lot in common between the tenor of the BRF in Beijing last May and the theme of the Hamburg Summit - "Shaping an Interconnected World". The Belt and Road Initiative and the G20 may well complement and reinforce each other and jointly boost global growth. China will take the Hamburg Summit as an opportunity to work with all other parties and contribute to global growth and better global economic governance.

Q5. The long-running tensions on the Korean Peninsula have remained unabated. This is a source of deep concern for the international community. How does China think the issue should be resolved? How does China view the U.S.' deployment of THAAD in the ROK?

Xi: China follows closely the developments on the Peninsula. China is committed to denuclearization of the Peninsula, peace and stability on the Peninsula, and a negotiated settlement through dialogue and consultation. The issue of the Peninsula is long-standing and highly complicated. Any solution must be able to address both the symptoms and root causes and accommodate the legitimate concerns of all parties. To that end Cheap Xavi Hernandez Jersey , China has put forward a "dual-track" approach of denuclearization of the Peninsula on the one hand and establishment of a peace mechanism on the Peninsula on the other, and a "suspension for suspension" proposal, which calls for the suspension of nuclear and missile activities by the DPRK and the suspension of massive military exercises by the U.S. and the ROK. Russia has unequivocally expressed its understanding and support for China's suggestion as China and Russia have the same or similar position. There is also growing positive response from the international community. China hopes all relevant parties will respond to the efforts by China and Russia in promoting dialogue for peace, shoulder their due responsibilities Cheap Thomas Vermaelen Jersey , demonstrate goodwill toward one another, and work in the same direction to bring this issue to the right track of dialogue and consultation at an early date.

The U.S. deployment of the THAAD missile defence system in the ROK seriously undermines the strategic security interests of China, Russia and other regional countries, and upsets the strategic balance in the region. It is not helpful for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula or peace and stability in the region. China has expressed its strong opposition and grave concerns. China and Russia have maintained close communication and coordination at various levels on this matter. Our two sides have a high degree of agreement in our perceptions of the nature of this issue and the harm it will bring. Both China and Russia firmly oppose the U.S. deployment of the THAAD system in the ROK Cheap Sergio Busquets Jersey , and strongly urge relevant countries to stop and cancel the deployment. China and Russia will take necessary measures, jointly or individually, to preserve our security interests and regional strategic balance.

Q6. The Syrian issue has garnered much global attention. What does China think should be done to resolve this issue? How do you assess Russia's role on this issue?

Xi: The Syrian issue, now the most complicated and intractable hotspot in the Middle East Cheap Sergi Roberto Jersey , has inflicted untold hardships on the Syrian people and posed a grave challenge to regional and global peace and stability.

China's position on the issue is consistent. We maintain that the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria should be upheld and respected, that the future of Syria should be decided by the Syrian people on their own, and that political settlement is the only viable way out. It is our sincere hope that the Syrian issue will be properly resolved as soon as possible Cheap Samuel Umtiti Jersey , and that the Syrian people will regain long-hoped peace, return to their homeland and start reconstruction at an early date.

Recent months have seen some positive developments on the Syrian issue. At the Astana talks, an MOU was signed on creating de-escalation zones in Syria. The UN-brokered Geneva peace talks continue to move forward. China believes that, under the current circumstances Cheap Rafinha Jersey , the international community needs to lock in the hard-won momentum of political settlement, support the United Nations in playing its role as the main channel for mediation and encourage the Syrian government and the opposition to engage in consultation with good faith and patience for a political solution that accommodates the legitimate concerns of all sides. There is also need for various parties to enhance coordination for greater synergy in fighting terrorism within Syria under international law.

China commends Russia for its important and positive influence and role in facilitating a proper settlement of the Syrian issue.

Q7. Terrorism poses a real threat to global security and development. How do you view the Russia-China cooperation on combating the "three forces" of terrorism, extremism and separatism?

Xi: The global counter-terrorism situation is undergoing profound changes, and international terrorists have remained active. Since the beginning of this year Cheap Paulinho Jersey , many countries have been hit by serious terrorist attacks which caused heavy casualties. Given what has happened, people have come to realize that despite certain gains in the international military campaign against terrorism, there will still be many acts of terrorism wreaking havoc on world peace, stability and development. To counter the threat of terrorism remains a daunting task in global security governance.

Faced with grave terrorist threats Cheap Paco Alcacer Jersey , members of the international community, with stronger awareness of their shared future and growing consensus on fighting terrorism, are making remarkable progress in their joint efforts to fight terrorism. That said, challenges still abound. First Cheap Ousmane Dembele Jersey , terrorism and hotspot issues interact with and exa


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